School Functions

From Elementary and High Schools to College and University…we’ll get your party started!

If you're planning a dance and are looking to really party, you can count on us to ensure that everyone has a GREAT time, every time!

  • We supply you with the very best DJ for your party!
  • We give you a sound & lighting system that just won’t quit!
  • We play your requests with the appropriate edits of the latest dance tunes!

Here’s how we’ll turn your dance into a PARTY:

Elementary, Junior High/Middle Years and Senior High schools will appreciate our clean, radio friendly edits).

  • We let you create your own Light Show package – We can add or take away from our systems to suit your party and/or budget!
  • Hazer & Lasers light show 's are now available.

Turn your next school dance in to Winnipeg's hottest night club!

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